IC design

  • Development of complex designs for mixed-signal applications
  • Integration of microcontrollers such as ARMĀ®
  • Leading-edge verification flow
  • Wide range of analog functionalities, from accurate sensor systems to high-power drivers


  • Schematic-driven physical design as base for IC masks
  • Creation of the floorplanning, layout at block level and top-level routing
  • Support of design automation and failure analysis
  • Electrical verification of the physical design using standardized formal checks

Measurement & Application

  • Validation of pre-series ICs using state-of-the-art measurement equipment
  • Design of application-based PCBs
  • Development of embedded software for electric motors, LED lighting systems and high speed communication networks
  • Supporting customers on their way to series application


  • Development of automated tests in hardware and software
  • Complete measurement of a whole IC in a few seconds
  • Testing procedure and statistical methods ensure highest quality
  • The qualified products are delivered in quantities of millions

Software Development

  • Creation, test and maintenance of complex software projects
  • Applications for supporting the IC design process from command line tools to advanced GUIs
  • Modern programming languages and object-oriented methodology
  • Code quality is ensured by test-driven development and the principles of Continuous Integration